Roberto Canales

Chief Financial Officer, WorldVentures Holdings, LLC

Roberto's good humor and sincerity are appropriate complements to his financial tenacity. His years of expertise in international and domestic markets continue to strategically increase WorldVentures' profitability. With his insight, WorldVentures™ has moved up the Direct Selling News Global 100 list year after year, which just goes to show that doing what you like and doing it often is a sure-fire way to create success.

Favorite DreamTrip location: A DreamTrip to Italy is in store for me. From its food, to the whitewashed Mediterranean beach homes, to the wine, Italy has so much to offer.

Must-take travel accessory: At the top of the list is my laptop.

Favorite travel read: Mystery, suspense and thrills get me thinking. I choose to read books written by John Grisham. He gets me to view things more objectively and consider the complexity of the legal system.

Best song for the open road: Music gets me revved up for travel. So, before I take off, I put together a play list of songs that will match my ever-changing mood, including Rush, Adele and Harry Connick, Jr. When I want to add a little ethnic flair to the mix, I jam to Alejandro Fernandez and Pepe Aguilar.

Next locale on his wish list: I plan on taking a trip to the Hawaiian Islands with my family. Relaxing in a hammock, with my phone turned off and focused only on taking in the beauty of the surroundings and enjoying time with my wife and kids.